Are you Dry?

When you think of dryness, do you picture the arid, wind-whipped sands of the Sahara? The cracked, sun-baked earth of Death Valley? It might surprise you to know that there are places in this world that are twice as dry as those.

One of the driest places on earth could be your home. And, it's this "desert dryness" that makes you feel uncomfortable, robbing moisture from your home, your furnishings, even your skin.

The recommended indoor relative humidity is three to four times the humidity in an average North American home in winter. If you're not reaching these levels in your home, you could be exposing yourself and your family to the physical aggravations of dryness. In fact, doctors often mention dry air as one of the causes for nose, throat, and skin discomfort.

Why choose an Aprilaire Automatic Humidifier?

  • Well Being - Up to 50% more humidity ensures optimum humidity levels that can help reduce the chance of upper-respiratory problems caused by dry air. Ask your doctor.
  • Comfort - Up to 50% more humidity helps to eliminate dry nose and throat and itchy skin, while reducing static electricity
  • Preservation - Your home and furnishings are protected with up to 50% more moisture, which saves them from damaging shrinkage due to dryness.
  • Energy Savings - 50% more moisture means you'll feel warmer with lower, energy-saving indoor temperatures.

Ask The Experts Which Humidifier Is Right For You

Let our service expert recommend the right humidifier for your home. Our recommendations will be based on such factors as your home's size, construction, and type of heating system.